Have you ever wondered why you are recommended to get your teeth cleaned every six months? Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is just one part of your dental check up. Research has shown that good oral hygiene can also impact your general health and help to prevent other serious medical illnesses: bone loss, stroke,...

Why We Take X-Rays Have you ever wondered why your dental office takes x-rays? Because we can only visually see about one-third of your teeth, x-rays are an essential tool for dentists to ensure your overall oral health. Reasons why we take x-rays: Check for decay in between teeth and under fillings that is not...

In the last 40 years, the use and development of dental implants has made the biggest advancements in dentistry. Implants are compatible with the human body and are made up of titanium and other materials. They are surgically positioned in the upper or lower jaw bone below your gums. Once they are placed and healed,...

Teeth Grinding According to the National Sleep Foundation, grinding your teeth (Bruxism), affects about 8 percent of adults. If you grind your teeth occasionally, it usually does not cause problems. If you grind your teeth on a regular basis, you may be causing your teeth damage or other problems can occur. There are multiple causes...

A common dental emergency includes a knocked-out tooth. Don't panic just yet! Follow a few instructions and the tooth may be saved. Here's what to do if you knock out a tooth. 1. When handling the tooth, try your best to only touch the top part (chewing surface). 2. If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse...

It's important to know that with the best dental technology comes a comfortable environment for all of our patients, including those who have special needs. This requires a change in typical dental care to accommodate those individuals. For example, when a patient has down syndrome, it is crucial for their dental providers to be proactive...

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