Natural Ways To Fight Bad Breath

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you find yourself slowly backing away from them because their breath was so bad?! Or maybe you’ve been on the other end of that conversation!

Here are a few foods that can naturally help combat bad breath. Just remember, nothing can replace flossing, brushing twice a day and a regular dental visit/checkup.

Ginger - Ginger has been used for many years to help with an upset stomach. It also helps neutralize the bacteria in our mouth that cause bad breath. You can make a rinse at home with equal parts pressed ginger and lemon juice mixed in warm water. Ginger can also be put in smoothies, tea, ground up or in oil.

Parsley and Basil - These leafy greens contain chlorophyll (not borophyll :)) which is a natural deodorizer. You can eat them on their own, add some in your salad, green smoothie, or take chlorophyll in pill form. Parsley also contains high amounts of polyphenols that aid in reducing sulfur compounds.

Green Tea - Green tea is full of antioxidants and also high in polyphenols. One downside to green tea is that it can discolor your teeth. You can enjoy through a straw or take green tea as a supplement.

Strawberries - Strawberries are a double threat to halitosis. First, they are high in water content which can help with saliva production and lessen odor causing bacteria. Second, they are packed with vitamin C which can create a hostile environment for bacteria to survive.

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